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The BES is designed to make email on the BlackBerry as fast and efficient as possible, and utilizing the phone and its battery only when necessary. Android and iOS devices check the email on their corporation's mail server directly, over the internet.

How to customize LED notifications for Hub email on BlackBerry KEYone

This happens in one of two ways, either the phone asks every few minutes, "is there any new mail? In either case, it takes up battery life, and is neither as quick nor as reliable. Without a server in the middle, the phone does the hard work. The reason for this is simple: BlackBerry is an enterprise email device; Android and iPhone are consumer devices with software that checks email. If you've ever traveled with a laptop, you know that email software sometimes works great and sometimes works unreliably-email isn't at the center of the universe on laptops. And the same is true on Android and iPhone.

Without a server-to-server mail environment, iPhones or Androids will never perform the same as BlackBerry devices, but the gap in capabilities is narrowing. There are now both native and third-party ways to bring the worlds together. For instance "lmk" can automatically turn into "let me know.

Type the full phrase in the "Phrase" and the abbreviation in the "Shortcut.

BlackBerry Priv review: A passable Android phone, poor on privacy Review | ZDNet

On Android, you most likely won't find Auto Text with the keyboard that comes pre-installed. Even Swype the most popular third-party keyboard does not include it. Auto Text Keyboard is one the most popular apps for this. Just be aware that when installing a tool like this, you are changing the entire keyboard on your phone, and not just adding Auto Text.

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Once you have Auto Text available, I'd recommend taking a couple minutes to insert common phrases. As you can see in the image above, I have shortcuts for my email address and common phrases. For instance, "afloc" transforms into "I'm at 11th St, SF" which is my office address. Blinking Indicator for New Emails BlackBerry is perhaps best remembered for its multi-colored blinking LED, which let you know of various states for the phone.

Slick Android slider with niche appeal.

We've had the phone in our hands for the past week. All in all, it's a good smartphone which runs Android 5. Here's the bottom line. This isn't the true BlackBerry experience, nor is it a strictly an Android-only affair. For those who've been longing for an Android phone with a keyboard, this is for you. But if you're after something more powerful and capable, you're better off with something by Samsung.

If you're either paranoid or privacy conscious, there are far better phones out there.

The 3 Best And Worst Things About The BlackBerry KEYone

Make no mistake: But with a little Android and a heavy dose of some traditional BlackBerry veneer, this might be an all-around people-pleaser for the reminiscent and keyboard lingerers. The company said there are more US carriers to come,. Excuse the pun: The Priv is big, and it's noticeable. The phone has some serious heft to it, like a state fair pumpkin or the average American portion size. It's thin at just over 9 millimeters and weighs in at grams, or slightly heavier than an iPhone 6 -- which, size for size, is proportionally about the same, considering the Priv is wider, taller, and thicker.

The phone has a massive 5. The OLED screen is dazzlingly sharp and rich with color, but it comes with a drawback: The phone slides open, gracefully revealing a physical keyboard -- a relic of the pre-turn-of-the-decade BlackBerry days -- which feels sturdy but is thin enough to feel as though it could easily snap off.

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We tried, and it didn't. The Priv is powered by a bit hexa-core Snapdragon processor with 3GB of low-power memory, and also is packed with 32GB of internal storage for files, photos, and documents.

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That's expandable up to 2TB of data if you can find a microSD card large enough. It also comes with the usual refinements: BlackBerry calls this a "privacy" phone. It's not by a long stretch, but it has the potential to be. Privacy and security are not the same thing but are often intertwined and used interchangeably.

You can't have privacy without security. To its credit, BlackBerry does -- at very least, it did security relatively well. Without getting too deep in the weeds, BlackBerry no longer takes complete control of that stack -- from email, apps, and the network itself. Android alone throws a wrench in the security works.

BlackBerry's global head of design Scott Wenger said that the Priv phone is designed for the privacy-minded, rather than a business, enterprise or government user. But the way the platform works is an "ask first, take later" approach. Simply put: It's a privacy catastrophe, and one that Google has tried to mitigate in recent versions of the mobile software, including the most recent version, Android 6. The problem with that is that the Priv doesn't do much to actively mitigate data incursions like other phones, notably the Blackphone 2, which we reviewed earlier this year.

Here's the rub. A fellow Android phone, the Blackphone 2, actively prevents a user's data from being slurped up by the Android machine -- a known privacy-buster. It has dedicated walled spaces, scrambled data uploads, and permission blocking. Where the Blackphone 2 mitigates how much data is accessed in the first place, the Priv does not. Security aside, the phone's flagship privacy feature is an app called DTEC.

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BlackBerry's chief security officer David Kleidermacher said on the phone it was a play on "detect. Silent Circle Blackphone 2 review. Read More. The app acts as a centralized health barometer of your phone. There is no time to be preoccupied by a missed call on an unattended phone. This way, the user can have an idea whether to merit it with a call back. There is a great selection of available colors.

BeBuzz Free – LED Light Colors Application for BlackBerry Smartphone

All it takes is to grab your picks. Nothing works better than a flashlight for its intended purpose.

This program is a total mimicry of the efficiency of a real flashlight using the camera's flash. It can light up a room instantly as long as the user and the battery permit. Not only that, the camera is activated along with the light so better make use of it by taking some footage with your BlackBerry video feature. This way, one can make the most out of the application and the BlackBerry phone as a whole. This simple but fun LEDart.