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Canada Europe: Leave this field empty. How do I convert this recipe from powder to stick amount? Hi Julie! Thank you for the question. I updated the recipe — 1 stick of kanten is 4 g kanten powder, which requires ml of water. This reminds me of my childhood, my mum would soak some agar agar sheets to make the jelly.

Do you know what is the difference between the two jellies? I really want to try this, I looks yummy. Can I add juice or something to the recipe to create different flavors? Hi Elizabeth! Adjust the sugar amount to your liking! I started to make jelly …. I am based in JB Johor Malaysia. Here, even the seller cant tell me much on many things. Mostly in loose-form except konnyaku. Can you tell me the difference and usage? Hi Joshua! Basically, each of above product makes jelly, but each one has different source. I mentioned about agar agar probably it is Japan agar agar, according to you here, but you can google to find more details.

Hi, I made this recipe a week or two ago and the jelly never set.

Telephone Agar-Agar Powder .88oz

I left it out for a bit then I put it in the fridge for 3 days. I used flakes of agar. Did I forget to do or compensate for something? Hi Susan! Another reason can be if you add something sour citrus fruits etc. I assume you followed my recipe — please try soaking first. Hope this helps! Hi Ayame! Yes, you can make it with milk, lemon, anything. Add more sugar if you like too.

Hi im new in this jelly making journey. Can you explain further what are the difference. If it can be re cook…how many times can it be done? I realize from this picture the kanten is clearer in colour then our local agar agar powder. Am I correct?

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Hi Ng! While I was writing this post I came across this site and it was helpful. From top, they compared Agar agar, gelatin, and Japanese kanten. If I want want to make lemon flavor agar, then when should I add the lemon juice to make sure it sets properly? Should I put the lemon juice in right at the end, before pouring the agar into a dish to set? Thank you so much for posting this, and all your recipes and how-to articles!

Agar Agar FAQ: What you need to know

Hi Oleander! Yes, sour fruits or I should just say citrus, but pineapple too… are tricky. The agar agar may lose the ability to solidify. Hope this helps. I decided to try making it the way you had it in the recipe first — just to make sure I could get the agar to work for me. It worked very well and I made delicious anmitsu with it.

I even made a dark sugar syrup for it — which was very addictive! I made agar jelly with cherry juice instead of water, but I diluted the juice with water just a little because it was tart I also added sugar. I then put some more chocolate on the tops to make them into proper cups. There is a snack here in the U.

What I had made turned out tasting like a much more fresh version of those. Very delicious! Thank you so much for teaching me about agar jelly! Your post helped me to feel more confident working with it, and now I have delicious treats! Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge!

I had fun reading and was so nervous reading what was going to happen! I could imagine your happy face after this dessert came out well!!! I am not a candy person and I obviously have never tried this donut one. I only know the sour donut one with yellow and pink color. Thank you again!

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It was a very happy face — especially after trying one of the candies!! They were much, much more fresh than the store-bought kind! You know, I just had the thought that maybe these jelly candies might not be as popular in other areas of the U. It was a nice, small sweet to have on the go, instead of buying a huge candy bar.


Thank you again for teaching me about this awesome ingredient! I had never seen these kinds. Thanks for showing me the package. Hi can u pls share with me your cherry agar jelly recipe want to try making for my toddler with strawberries.