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The old way of looking up phone number information is quickly changing. The reason white pages used to be effective was because almost every household used a landline. Landline phone numbers are considered public records. So these records can be gathered, ordered, and put in a book.

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  • But as soon as cell phones came into the market this changed. Cell phone records are not public information and so companies like t-mobile aren't just putting cell phone owners personal information out there.

    TOP 2 Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Directory Services Reviewed and Compared

    Big benefit to keeping this information away from open internet for cell phone owners is telemarketers, text message spammers, and most cell phone clients just appropriate not having their cell phone number available for everyone to see. What happens to cell phone data is it gets bought by reverse phone and background check companies that only release information when they have a paying customer.

    Free White Pages Phone Book

    This still provides an opportunity to locate owners of cell phone numbers to the public. But makes it harder for telemarketers and people that might not be responsible with other people cells phone numbers to get their hands on it. One way of doing cell phone research is using a search engine. I recommend using google.

    What is the Spy Dialer Phone Number Lookup?

    The system does not respond to the spelling of words. Using the service you can:. To Search by type of business, dial , when prompted say:. Complete a reverse number search to get the listed name associated with a specific telephone number, dial , when prompted say:.

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    To do an area code search, dial , when prompted say:. Obtain a country code to dial a call to another country, dial , when prompted say:. For an additional charge, you can usually press 1 any time after the requested number has been announced to automatically dial the number. Individuals with physical or visual disabilities and seniors may also be eligible for call allowances, depending on the state.

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    • Reverse cell phone lookup service is free and simple.
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    • Call allowances not used within one billing period cannot be transferred to an additional billing period or to another account. Directory Assistance Call Completion charges are as follows:. Accessibility Services Skip to main content. Last Signed In: Search Site. View Bill.

      How to Reverse Cell Phone Checks Work Now?

      There are other good online phone book sites in addition to Whitepages. The name and location search on Whitepages lets you find a street address and phone number for someone in any U. Search results also show directory assistance listings for family and neighbors, and a street map of the person's neighborhood. If you have a ten-digit phone number for a person or business located in the United States, then you can do a free reverse phone number search on Whitepages.

      However, the reverse phone lookup works best if the person or business is still using a landline phone number. Unfortunately, there aren't many free listings on Whitepages that include cell phone number information for people. You can search any street address in the United States with the reverse address lookup on Whitepages. The Whitepages address search also shows a Google street map for the neighborhood around the address that you search for and marks the phone book listings for people who live nearby.