Forgot itunes ipad backup password

For example, if you still can remember that your password consists of four digits and starts with "1", then you can select Mask as the attack type, check All digits option and set the Mask option as "1??? If you have forgotten your password completely, just use the default Brute-force attack. Then it immediately starts to decrypt lost iPhone backup password and find it for you.

Just wait a few minutes, and you will view the forgotten backup password showing in the new window.

About encrypted backups in iTunes

Connect your iPhone to your computer and start iTunes. Wait until the little iPhone icon appears in the toolbar of iTunes. Click the iPhone icon and it will take you to the Summary page. Under the Backups section, click the Encrypt iPhone backup checkbox to uncheck it. When prompted, enter the encryption password that have found and click OK.

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Then encryption will be remove from iTunes Backup. With iOS 11 or later, Apple introduced a very simple way to remove encryption from iTunes backup. In this way, it'll remove iPhone backup password protection. Before doing this, you had better back up your iPhone with iCloud. The design of an iPhone backup password recovery should be simple, and easy to use. The most important thing you need to think over is the recovery ability.

How to Recover Forgotten iTunes Backup Password in Minutes

There is no denying that recovering data is a difficult task itself. Hence the recovery rate becomes the most crucial standard to justify if an iPhone backup password recovery tool is qualified. The price is another criterion you need to think it over. Its leading recovery rate, maximize compatibility, fluent user experience and lowest price make it come to the top 1 iPhone backup password recovery on our list. You May Like: The iPhone backup password unlocker function is totally free for users. Free Download.

Step 4 Once the process completes, it will show you the password as below.

Recover data from your iTunes backup

After that, you can scan the backup and preview the content in your backup. Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker is another award-winning iPhone backup password recovery tool developed by Tenorshare.

Key Features & Benefits

Plus, it enables you to access iTunes backup file. Daossoft iTunes Password Rescuer is yet another tool that can help you recover iPhone backup password. After comparing these top 6 best iPhone backup password recovery tools, according to your specific situation, you can choose the one that fits you best to find and recover your iTunes backup password.

2 Ways to Remove Encryption from iTunes Backups if Lost its Password

If you can remember part of the password, or have a dictionary of password list, then it will be quicker to find out your iTunes encrypted backup password. Offer various recovery methods: Brute-force attack, Mask attack or Dictionary attack.

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Support iTunes backup created in all versions of iTunes, including iTunes FREE technical support. FREE update. Recover iTunes Password Using Various Methods Brute-force attack - It attempts all possible combinations of passwords until the correct password is found.

Recover Lost iTunes Backup Password

The password recovery engine is highly optimized, thus short password can be recovered immediately. Mask attack - If you remember the password partially you can set a mask with the mask symbols for those parts you can't remember, it will help you effectively shorten the recovery time compared with brute-force attack. Dictionary attack - Since many people use regular words or phrases for password, perform a dictionary attack by trying each word from the dictionary will save your precious time. GPU acceleration makes password recovery up to 50 times faster.