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Everyone can chime in and contribute in a variety of ways. The PGP support is probably the most interesting feature, considering the current climate surrounding personal privacy and security in the digital era. This is a must-have feature for journalists, people living in countries ruled by oppressive governments, and all those who are not fond of the idea of the government snooping on emails.

The downside is that K-9 Mail, like so many other open-source apps, lacks the fine degree of polish and cohesiveness that the modern user is now used to. Its key selling point is called Focused inbox. Microsoft has made it very easy to access calendars and files right from the inbox, making on-the-go productivity more enjoyable. When we communicate with our friends or online stores or business associates, we organize our conversations around topics and people.

However, most email clients display emails as individual thoughts. WeMail organizes email into a chat-like experience, promising to reduce your inbox size by more than 50 percent. On top of that, WeMail features one of the fastest and most advanced email search functionalities, allowing you to instantly find what you are looking for. It needed privilages on google. It has no sync options. I need a new email app as K9 stopped syncing unless I allowed all sensor and location privilages in Google Play Services.

That is if you only care about the basic folders, like the Inbox, Outbox, Sent, etc. First, tap the inbox icon in the upper left corner of the screen. That will result in a screen like the one below:. When you tap each folder, it gets checked to be synced. Some will already be checked like Inbox , the others you will need to check manually.

Each folder is listed separately, whether or not it is a subfolder of something else, like the parent folder adobe and some of its children in the picture below. What I did find refreshing is that it is quite obvious which folders are being synced. Despite going through all of the above, each folder is still set to offline sync of 14 days. In order to change that you need to go into a folder and tap modify as depicted below.

Tap modify, then Various Account Settings and then choose how you want those set. I changed them all to unlimited, especially considering that the first one seems like it is just for Inbox and Sent. Edison Email or EMail. Edison email was easy to setup and very straightforward. It didn't automatically discover my server and login, but once I had put in the server name, my email address and domain, it connected right up.

This app has a lot of bells and whistles, although right off I could not figure out how to get different folders to sync. There is a folder manager, that I found fairly quickly, but it was not obvious how to set syncing. I was also unable to immediately find settings on how many days to sync. This is by design, but we may change this in the future. I started the app and tapped Add Other Account, then Exchange. I then slid the Advanced Settings slider and put in the required information and it was done! I found that if I went to the inbox screen below left and tapped the three bars at the top left, it brought me to the mailboxes screen below middle.

If I then tapped the down arrow, it listed all the folders below right. I had to go into each folder in order for it to sync. I still do not know how many days it was syncing. Mailwise is a great little mail app, it is relatively easy to setup and easy to use. The interface is pleasant. I was unable to even see my subfolders in this app, no less sync them or see a view of more than one email box at a time. This app receives an additional fractions of a point for its' tutorial. Every mail app should have a nice tutorial.

The initial screen already shows your Gmail account if configured. Tapping on the Exchange icon brings you to the next screen, which lets you put in your basic information. If it fails to connect with that information another screen appears asking for more specific information.

Once that is filled out, if your server requires more specific security permissions then you will see the next screen in this sequence. If you are okay with that and tap next on the following screen, depending on your server setup it may ask for device administrator rights. Then it will finally ask you to give your account a name. The software will then display a short tutorial on using the Mailwise app. While it is syncing you can change the setup by tapping the three dots in the upper righthand corner.

When you go to Settings and Accounts, select the account you made, in my case, "Work.

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Aquamail is a good email app. It doesn't pass my litmus test of being able to display all unread emails from all subfolders though. It was easy to setup and was pleasant to use. The setup is fairly straight forward. I opened the app, tapped exchange email, and put in my credentials. The next screens asked for certain permissions in order for the app to run smoothly, gave a truncated tutorial, which was helpful - so I followed its' advice to get to the settings for the account.

Tapping on folders, then on each folder listed, gave me four sync options as depicted in the center image below. Choosing which folders to sync was a two tap affair, not the best of all worlds but not the worst either. Which folders had been chosen to sync was plainly shown by a gear next to the folder and the type of syncing listed below the folder left image below.

After I set some folders to syncing, I went back several screens to another folder listing. Here I was able to access "Settings. Tap account options on the screen shown on the bottom left and then you can set days to sync, etc from the screen on the bottom right. Finally, you can go back to the main email display screen shown below. The display is nice although it does have ads one assumes that the Pro version has no ads and does not display the GO PRO symbol.

I was unable to find any way to display all unread emails with Aquamail. It does make it easier to tell which folders are being synced. Although the process of syncing each folder is not as easy as an app like TouchDown, it is easier than most others. Samsung Email. I reviewed this app only because I own a Samsung phone. I was pleasantly surprised by virtually everything about this app. I was purposely hard on rating each item I rarely rated the subjective categories more than a 4, but here I made some exceptions. Whoever put this app together did an excellent job and seems to really have been thinking about how people were going to be using it.

One item I feel I need to explain. The 3 rating is on purpose because it is a little difficult to find where to choose the folders and once there, there is no way to expand all folders, which would not be too bad except that the way provided to expand folders is at times difficult. More on this later. I will walk you through the setup. The initial screen was straight forward. I tapped Add New Account and saw the second screen. Upon entering my basic credentials I was presented with the third screen - This was not too difficult, but the icons on other email apps were better.

The app then tried to connect using the defaults, when it could not it presented me with the opportunity to change the details. The following screen asked for device administrator permissions, which I think any really good exchange email app should do. And it then asked if I wanted to give the account a name. The app then took me to my inbox. By tapping the three menu bars at the top left of the screen, I was able to see the listing of my folders. I then tapped the gear icon to get the email settings screen.

From the settings screen, tap the name of your account, Work, in my case, and you will get the screen depicted in the middle image below. Scroll down to "Folder Sync" and tap that to get the Folder Sync screen on the right below. Here a simple toggle switch not only turns syncing on and off but also indicates which folders are being synced. Also, note the icon in the folder I circled below left.

This indicates a folder that has child folders. Tapping the folder icon expands the folder syncing the parent folder does not sync its' children. As I previously indicated, expanding these folders is sometimes trying. I had to tap some folders several times to get them to expand maybe my fingers are just too big.

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Samsung email warns you when you may be syncing too many emails, as seen in the middle image below. When you finally return to the unread emails screen, you will see that all unread emails are displayed with the originating folder indicated green arrow in the right image is pointing to folder. MicroSoft Outlook for Android. Another member of Experts Exchange correctly pointed out that I should do more than just link to the outlook app, since this is a review of apps on the Android platform for Microsoft Exchange. In my opinion, since Exchange is made by Microsoft and the Outlook app is a Microsoft application, everything should be easy in the extreme.

I was probably in the first to download the outlook app when it came out. I also downloaded it on my iPad when it came out. I wanted this to work that badly. I was disappointed both times, although the Android implementation is better than the iOS implementation, neither met my expectations. I will go through it briefly. In writing this review I found that TouchDown was much more difficult to setup than I had remembered.

Anyone new to the Android email app market would not go for Touchdown for several reasons. If you are just getting into the Android Email market, or want an app with more support, Nine won hands down. In my opinion , the only thing that could have been better, when it came to folder sync, is if one could choose to sync all folders and then "unsync" the ones you didn't care about. Folder selection is fairly good the long path for each folder can be confusing.

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But I have yet to find a way to see ALL unread emails from all subfolders in one view with this app. Mailwise is a decent app but needs more improvement in order to compete. Aquamail is a contender, but my inability to find a way to display all unread emails from all subfolders takes it out of the running. My personal suggestion is to use Nine as an alternative to any other exchange email app. The surprising, at least to me, entry in this bunch is Samsung Email.

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  6. The Samsung app not only surpassed nearly all the rest in scoring and in nearly all categories, Ease of setup was taken by TypeApp - I loved it for that, and how easy it was to choose folders would have been higher if it was easier to find where to do the choosing. I had intended to include only the top 5 alternatives to TouchDown, but decided at the last minute to include Samsung Email, and I am glad I did.

    If I had to say one thing that bothers me the most about the Samsung app, it is the way it displays emails in its' badge. Most of the apps have a way, usually with a widget, to display all unread emails, even when the app itself doesn't have a way to see this number. This is something I didn't realize how much I depended on until I found that although Samsung Email can display all unread emails in the app, it only displays all unread emails in the inbox in its' badge.

    So if I rated this app on that item it would get a 0 out of 5 for displaying all unread emails in the badge. Samsung email also does not have a widget at this time, the badge is in the app itself. I made videos of how to setup the top two apps, Samsung Email and Nine. Looking back, I would say that if TouchDown was both easier to setup 2 out of 5 and displayed the originating folder 0 out of 5 , it would have been tied for the second best app with Nine. As it is the ranking of these 8 apps, including TouchDown, puts them in this order with the best on top:. I found out that when I set peak times in the Samsung email app to be Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm, my email seemed to stop syncing in the middle of the day.

    This only happened anecdotally. But when I turned off-peak times it began syncing normally. I will most likely be playing with that setting some more and keep you updated. The other item, which I spoke to Samsung support about rather extensively, is the badge that displays the number of your emails. Also, there is a dark mode as well. If you are looking for a Gmail alternative, this email app would be a perfect choice. Download Blue Mail 2. Email by Edison.

    Email by Edison is a reliable email client which is worthy enough to be considered as one of the best Android email apps of With an elegant design, it supports a variety of email providers and allows you to manage unlimited mail accounts. It offers unparalleled speed and integrates a built-in intelligent assistant. Moreover, the app provides real-time travel notifications, features configurable swipe controls, auto-sorting of email by categories, etc. You can also use it on Android Wear gadgets. The best part about Email by Edison is its intuvity — the mail client build in assitant presents key info like attachements, bills wihtout opening up emails.

    It also allows users to search for content in local folders. Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook lets you quickly and comfortably manage your email accounts with ease. Outlook has a clean and user-friendly interface, and you can sync several email accounts and keep them active at the same time. Besides supporting the primary mail services like Outlook, Gmail, iCloud or Yahoo Mail, it also integrates cloud storage services. However, there overly frequent updates to the app is not appreciated by the many users, given each one comes with its own set of bugs.

    Download Microsoft Outlook 4.

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    It brings a friendly UI and neatly organizes your inbox into different folders such as social and promotional emails. You can manage multiple accounts with Gmail and email services from other providers. Other features include group discussions, bookmarking of messages, customizable push notifications, etc. Overall, Gmail is a simple and organized app that also offers 15GB of free storage. One of the main features of this Android email client for is the intuitive smart reply feature which suggests relevant responses while typing. Download Gmail 5. Aqua Mail. The app comes with a variety of widgets and syncs with the calendar and contacts.

    It has support for push mail for most mail services excluding Yahoo. Aqua Mail is an excellent email app for Android, but many of its useful features are accessible only with the pro version. Also, the free version displays an ad after every message you send. With that being said, one can make a lot of custamizations to the Aua emial app.

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    There are four themes and a support for dark mode as well. Download Aqua Mail 6. Email TypeApp. TypeApp is a beautifully designed Android email app that allows you to manage all your accounts with a single customizable mail app. It comes with an intuitive and easy to use design. Other features include a unified inbox, push notifications, day and night modes, Calender and contact syncs, group mailing services, etc.