Message tone not working on samsung galaxy s4

You can set notification tone for calendar events. But you cannot set different notification tone for individual events.

How to set a music file as a Message notification | Samsung Support Australia

In S Planner, tap more in top right, tap settings -notification — notification tone. So the notification tone for calendar events will be different from other notifications. How can I turn off all audible notifications for a specific contact? I want to hear my regular contacts, but for one contact, I do not want to hear notification when he calls or text me. Then, you can add the contact to Auto reject list. You can record a very short audio just cover the mic with voice recorder app on the phone.

The use it as the ringtone and message tone for this contact. Unfortunately, Galaxy Note 4 does not offer silent or none as a customized ringtone for contacts. Is there a way to have one sound for your notifications, and one sound for when you get a text message? Yes, you can set a different notification tone fire messaging app. In settings — application settings — messages — notifications — notification sound.

You can choose a different sound from the default notification tone. You can even set different message tone in addition to ringtone for different contacts as shown in this guide. I am eperiencing the same thing that Catherine was with the message notification sound. No matter what I did it would always default to the whistle. I did not experience this until I did an annoying update that kept coming up almost everytime I picked up my phone for anything.

I did not even want the update. Now I have different things that i have to live with that I dont even like near as much. The only option given was to postpone it for a later time.

Text Notification Problem in Samsung Galaxy S4

Anyway, Thanks Catherine! That worked for me. This has now changed the sound to the one that I want and only for messages not every other notification. Some apps have own notification settings.

Set a Text Notification Alert on Samsung® GALAXY S4

You need check the settings in such apps as what you did. I have also shut off the notification alerts for most of my apps except Facebook, Whatsapp and text messaging all of which I have set up personalised notification tones. You can try to reboot Note 4 into safe mode to see whether you still have the problem. You may refer to this guide on how to reboot Note 4 it was written for S5, but it works on Notye 4 identically into safe mode.

Or there was another option presented: You just install Kies 3 for your Mac. Then when you connect note 4 to the mac, it should be recognized just like as a usb drive. How can I set a different ringtone for my personnal email from my text message? For global default message notification tone, you can set it in settings—Application settings—Messages—Notifications -Notification sound. Id like to know how to change the notifiacation for voicemail, because right now my sms and voicemail have the same tones. Thanks in advance. The notification tone setting for individuals is for Samsung messages app only.

What notification tone is the phone using when getting text messages form these contacts? It would be nice if the Galaxy Note 4 would allow you to set up different sound notifications for different apps or different email accounts e. I want to receive notifications for my work email, but not AOL. The AOL does not allow for setting the notifications. You are here: Share this: Comments Hi, is it possible to have a different notification tone for delivery reports than for text? Did you try to update the phone to latest firmware?

How do I set a personalized notification tone for my calendar events? I am sorry if this is a year too late. I had the same problem. I just went into settings, from settings go to the my device tab then go to sound then scroll down to messages. When you click messages there should be a box that says notifications. It should be checked.

If it isn't then this is your problem.

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Ron B. Strange, still no notifications in Chomp SMS!!!!! Finaly it seemed like i also had to check the phone configuration: Enabled this setting and all was OK again. Rx Sensei rxsensei. Just clear all default apps. Ahmed Mostafa. Roney Pate. I had exactly the same problem - but restarted the phone and it corrected! Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Samsung Galaxy S4 The Samsung Galaxy S4, model i, features a megapixel rear camera, and a 5-inch p display. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers.

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Robert Rep: Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your tip! That's the tip that helped me Brilliant Thanks: Thanks bunches! That's what did it for me. But sometimes turning the settings back and forth won't take unless the confused device is restarted at a crucial part in the process, so here is what I did which finally fixed it for me: Restart the phone 3.

Restart the phone 5. You should still NOT receive the notification at this point, but by now you will have forced the phone to accept your own "notification off" setting I love reverse psychology 6. Restart the phone 7. Restart the phone again I know, it's a pain in the keester, but it's all in the restarts 9. None of the other methods worked. Thank you for posting this.

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This is what did it. I tried other suggestions in this thread, but this one was it. Unfortunately that is the best answer I can give you since I don't know of a trick that forces the texting app to notify you of incoming texts while the receiving thread is open Sorry for a tardy reply, by the way. Nagapati Bhat Rep: Score 8. You are the bomb! I thought I tried everything Thank you! RTucker Rep: Best of luck: Score 6. You're the guy. Excellent would never have thought of that been frustrating me for ages. Alicia Rep: Score 5. This totally worked for me, thank you!

How to customize Galaxy Note 4 notification tone by changing the default notification tone?

This works for me. I dont even remember when this was turned off. Thanks a lot. Totally did the trick!!! Best solution ever!!! Catalin Rep: I had same issue on a S4 Mini. None of the solutions provided was working for me Hope this works for you also! Score 4. You rock! This worked for me and I was going bananas trying everything. Finally a solution! Oh my god! I tried a hundred things!

Finally this was all I needed. Finally, thx a lot. It drived me crazy! Bradley Madaris bradleymadaris Rep: Score 2. Duh, Missed this one too. I feel like txbritgal right now. Cheizna Matt Rep: Go to your original 'messaging', uncheck the "notification" in its setting.. Score 1. Waway Rep: Score 0. Ellie Rep: Press and hold the power button tap on the restart button and that should work. Rianna Mitra Rep: Sabrina Rep: Billy Rep: Ron B Rep: Open your messages app at bottom of home screen tap next to bottom button open settings, go down to Notifications and click on the