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Powered by RebelMouse. Music Blackberry Smoke: Holding all the Roses. Blackberry Smoke is one of those groups that fiercely adheres to past precepts. Rounder US Release Date: I Like the Idea of Being Unreasonable: A Conversation with the Sleaford Mods' Jason Williamson Jason Williamson of the Sleaford Mods says what he thinks about punk, hip-hop, politics, and modern life, and if you don't like it, fuck off. Edward Gorey, Agent of Chaos Two recent books on screenwriter, illustrator and author Edward Gorey, Born to Be Posthumous and Gorey's Worlds , are engaging works that show that Gorey's mystique remains safely impenetrable.

Blackberry Smoke: Holding all the Roses

Icelandic Producer Bjarki Celebrates His Country's Natural World on 'Happy Earthday' Bjarki's Happy Earthday can be understood as a reflection of the artist who made it, as a representation of the power and majesty of nature, or simply as a brilliant, intricate electronic album. Thinking Outside the Box: An Interview with Bill Watterson of 'Dave Made a Maze' "I don't want to make statements, I want to see human behaviour and life unfold…" says director Watterson, who admits that the imaginative Dave Made a Maze has an identity crisis.

The 70 Best Albums of TIFF Jackie Chan's 10 Best Films. Never Say Nevermore: People who have never heard them before I think will really end up liking them too. They rock and they have good songs and I think everybody will be really happy with them as an opening act.

So I grew up as kind of an outdoorsy kind of person. I think the settlers came from that region of Europe. This is an outrage! It could have been, you never know. We always thought maybe our ancestors made moonshine in the moonshine stills laughs. Brandon called back later to let me know he had spoken to his dad about his ancestry and it was Scotch, Irish and British, his dad having encountered the Still name when visiting Scotland].

Both my mom and dad play piano and we always had a piano in the house.

Lucky Seven chords by Blackberry Smoke

I was always encouraged to bang around on the piano and my dad still plays in church every now and then so I grew up around that. Then I got lessons in about the third or fourth grade, which gave me a good little background to start with, a little primer I guess. From that point, I just kind of drifted away from music a little bit but as I turned into a teenager it kind of came back to me and I would start playing by ear.

It was just something that I was really interested in and really liked to do and never was pushed to do it or anything like that.

"One Horse Town" riffing on A-minor and C

I just kind of had that love of creating. I would create a lot of little pieces too but also figuring something out by ear. So I had to just figure that kind of stuff out for myself. But I had a good childhood. Yeah, I would say I leaned more towards rock but really any music that rocked that had keyboards in it would always interest me.

Like, oh the keyboards are so subtle but it takes it to another place or adds so much to it. You just want to do that nice little touch that adds to everything else, adds to the big picture. And mostly that was in rock music. The Allman Brothers. Again, Billy Powell with the licks that he would add to Skynyrd. With all the blazing guitars going on he would always seem to find his perfect timing and perfect place to add just the right thing. Those are some of my favorites, the southern rockers on the keyboards.

Then a little bit outside of that, I love the group Yes.

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One of my favorite albums is the Yes album. The music around that era, those of course are full of keyboards. Yes, please do. I actually got to meet him once and he was so cool. I was so nervous but he was a really nice guy. I might as well have fun with it. They were just little subtle additions so if I did mess up he might not even notice laughs.

That was just amazing. There was talk of it happening, mutual friends reaching out from camp to camp, and he said yes. We had a song in mind and he said he liked the song and he would do it and we were like, wow, this is really going to happen. But I was just holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed that it was all going to come together and sure enough it did. It was a great moment.

It will. You know, his organ playing, he keeps it fairly simple, not a lot of frills and fanciness, but he chooses the tastiest notes in the chord voicings, which can make a huge difference; not only in that but the tone of the organ, cause there are a million ways to make the organ sound with all the drawbars and the vibrato and how you set your speaker cabinet, your Leslie, which is a rotating speaker cabinet.

But his organ always sounds so good and not just anybody can sit behind an instrument and make those tones and make it sound as good as Gregg Allman. You can put somebody behind the organ that can play circles around the best players but can they get that tone, can they put the part in the right place? And that will be missed cause of the sounds he was able to get out of that thing.

I use a Hammond organ, which I recently acquired. The B3 is the Holy Grail of rock, blues, gospel organ. Then you hit the switch and it slows back down.

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If you know what to listen for, you can hear it speeding up and slowing down. It actually physically rotates. Then I have two electric type pianos. I run that through a Fender guitar amp.

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You might hear it in a lot of seventies funk. You might hear it in seventies porn music if you ever watch that laughs. Inside are little short strings that hammers hit and it works like a guitar. You hit a key and the hammer strikes a string and the guitar pickup type thing picks it up, and that is running through the same guitar amp that my Wurlitzer is running through. On top of the organ is the digital piano.

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  • I think the guys might kill me if I did that laughs. So I just do a digital, like a Yamaha. He really knows about the minimalist approach, holding back and not trying to be like, look what I can do. But Benmont is high on my list of favorites too. My dream was to always do music professionally, whether that meant teaching lessons, being in a cover band, anything I could do to do music.

    I love music so anything I could do to have a career in it I wanted to do. So Atlanta was the obvious choice. At college, I floundered around there too, like, what am I going to do? I worked with mainly autism and special needs. I was not good at the management, the coordinating, the supervisory-type roles, which I ended up getting.

    I was really good at the hands-on, the one-to-one helping somebody or taking them through their day or being a job coach or whatever. I was not good at the management part. I was just never comfortable in the role. So I moved to Atlanta and did more social work but finally got into the cover band scene. You may have heard of the band Yacht Rock out of Atlanta. They do a tribute to like seventies soft rock and they kind of do it tongue-in-cheek. They act like pretentious soft rock stars, all dressed in their leisure suits, and they are hilarious guys. So that was really fun for me to do.

    I also played in a live karaoke band, which was a hit in Atlanta. When I moved here to Atlanta, I taught lessons and I was finally able to pay my bills with music and I was loving it. But as the five years went on, it did start feeling monotonous, it did start feeling like I was going through the routine and the motion, and I was getting a little bit unsatisfied. I was making good steady money, there were house gigs where my gear could stay set up, I lived like two or three blocks from where I played, got to sleep in my own bed every night; you know, I had it made.

    But something told me, to really get where you want to get you need to step out of your comfort zone. And that was a big lesson I learned, cause at the time I joined Blackberry Smoke, there was no tour bus.

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    • But bottom line is, I got out of my comfort zone. I remember they picked me up for my first gig and it was after a Yacht Rock show, so the show ended at 1: The other big part of it was the idea of playing original music to people. I was enjoying it better than getting paid a lot to play Journey songs, you know what I mean. Just the whole fact that I got to be an artist and create and that we were touring off of original songs, that excited me and made me really want to go for it.